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Non-Player Characters. Weapons and Armor. Building the Editor. Creating a New Tilemap Level. Chapter Tile-Based Ireland.

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Loading and Drawing Level Files. Introduction to Tiled Scrolling. Constructing the Tiled Image. Tile Buffer. Stepping Stones of the World. Tile Rendering Theory. Per-Tile Scrolling. Full Tile Scrolling. Full-Tile Smooth Scrolling.

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Per-Pixel Scrolling. Sub-Tile Scrolling. Drawing the Scroll Buffer. Sub-Tile Smooth Scrolling. New Level Class. Adding Trees.

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Perusing New Editor Features. Creating a Portal. Level Class Modifications. Teleporting to Another Dimension. Looking for Tile Collisions. Portal Demo Program. Testing LuaInterface. Sharing Tile Data with Lua. The Character Editor. Loading Character Files. The Character Class. The Animated Character Artwork.

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Character Demo. Starting a Conversation. Dialogue Choices. Dialogue GUI.

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Final Example. Starting an Attack. Combat Demo 1. Character Templates. Animations : Friendly NPCs. Creating the Combat System. Making Up Our Own Rules. Spawning Enemy NPCs. Attack Rolls. Rolling for Damage. Attack Roll Example. Combat Demo 2. Facing Your Enemies. Which Way Did He Go? A Change of Character. State-Based Combat. Dialogue Improvements. Plugging in Attack State. Dealing Permanent Damage.

Gaining Experience. Item Images. Looking Up Items. Item Class. Preparing to Loot. Stumbling Upon Loot Items Class.

Character Class. Dropping Loot. Managing Inventory. Inventory Class. Player Class. Pushing or Pulling?

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Quest Condition Types Quest Rewards. Quest Class. Quest Editor. Quests as Story Driver. Quests Class.

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Starting a Quest. Quest Window. Completing a Quest. Binding Basic Functions.

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Binding Lua Functions. Loading and Saving the Game Saving. You stumble upon a skeleton warrior pacing near a pile of treasure. You attack the skeleton, and it hits you back! You roll 1D20 and score a critical hit! It falls to the ground, a jumble of bones. Lying next to the unmoving skeleton is chain mail armor, which you pick up and equip, giving your character a huge boost in armor points.